Undercover Drugs

Most people think that they will be able to identify a drug if they see it. Powder, crystals or  marijuana seem like they would be fairly self-evident.

What if it doesn’t look like a drug? What if it looks like something totally innocent, like candy?

Recently, it was reported that a Rhode Island middle school and high school had busted students knowingly dispersing candy that was laced with everything from marijuana to methamphetamines.

Drug identification is no longer “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck”. In today’s world, if it looks like a duck, it may be a crocodile!

There are a few things to look for if you are concerned that a candy may hold something more:

  1. If there are no proper, clearly labeled wrappers on it, there is a chance that there is something more to it. Ask where it came from, and when in doubt, just say no thank you.
  2. If there is a greasy look to the candy, it may have hashish oil in it. Many food goods with marijuana in it are made by boiling down marijuana leaves to get an oil that is extracted and added into candy chews, lollipops, and the infamous pot brownies, among others. This oil gives the items a greasy look.
  3. There is often a strange smell to it when marijuana is present. Look for odors that don’t correspond with what the food or candy should smell like.

These methods are usually most useful for things laced with cannibis, but other drugs mixed in will not have the same indicators. The other way to identify it is to keep a Touch&Know® Discreet Home Drug Test at home! Yes, Touch&Know® can detect drugs mixed into candies! Just scrape the candy with the probe, and follow the directions as usual.

Even on this piece of hard candy, we were easily able to get a positive result!

This hard candy is laced with marijuana, and Touch&Know(R) was able to detect it with just a scrape.

This hard candy is laced with marijuana, and Touch&Know(R) was able to detect it with just a scrape.

The important thing to remember is that the best tool you can have is an open mind when it comes to identifying a drug. By not assuming you will know what a drug looks like, you will be ahead of the pack!



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