Sand or Heroin?

Brown Heroin

Not long ago, a mother who had purchased our product reached out to us. We love hearing from customers, both who have had positive experiences and ones who haven’t so we can see if we can help improve the situation.

This story hit us hard and reminded us of why our product is so important and such a life saving device.

Her son had had a troubled past. He had had run ins with drugs in the past, and had been through recovery. She thought that the worst was behind them and they were ready to look to the future.

That is, until she found something.

In a plastic bag, she found something that looked like sand. It looked generic enough to not be a big deal, but she couldn’t figure out why he would have a random bag of sand. When she approached him about it, he said that it was for a school project he was helping his little sister with.

He was very believable.

Something didn’t sit well with his mother though. Her intuition kept bothering her, even though her greatest desire was to just believe it was true and go on as if it was as he said. If she knew anything though, it was that drugs had changed her son in the past, and that it could change him again.

She got the sand. The sand that looked like nothing you wouldn’t find in a sandbox in a playground, and tested it with Touch&Know®.

It was brown heroin.

She had been through so much with her son in his recovery. She had asked him directly what something was, and tried to communicate with him.

He lied. Drugs change people.

She trusted her son. She didn’t trust the drugs.

We hope her story has a happy ending with her son and family.


*If you find drugs, we recommend immediately seeking professional advice and treatment. 


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