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Sand or Heroin?

Not long ago, a mother who had purchased our product reached out to us. We love hearing from customers, both who have had positive experiences and ones who haven’t so we can see if we can help improve the situation.

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Toddler Sickened by Ingesting Pot Candy

Some people think that kids getting into pot baked goods and candies are unlikely, but more and more, stories of it happening are coming to the surface. Check out this story of a toddler who was about to get a

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Undercover Drugs

Most people think that they will be able to identify a drug if they see it. Powder, crystals or  marijuana seem like they would be fairly self-evident. What if it doesn’t look like a drug? What if it looks like

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Is Your Child Too Young?

Most parents will tell you that kids grow up way too fast, and in today’s culture, it seems to happen at an even more accelerated pace. It used to be that you didn’t think you really had much in the

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